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The library was a period piece delight with brightly polished woodwork and large portraits of Hue Emperors clad in glorious apparel. There was an old fashioned record player alongside the books. The disc on it was by ‘The Hamilton Bluegrass Players’. By chance a New Zealander guest was in the room and he explained they were popular in his country in the 1970s. One thing I noticed on this visit was the guests I met all seemed contented and sociable.

Another good reason for staying near here is the fact that there are some lovely pubs and the manor house to try out while you are there! Some people come and stay in weekend hotels too, as Broadway is a lovely venue for a couple of days of rest and recuperation from your busy work week.

Whilst there are many hotels in Winchester it should be remembered that the city is a very popular tourist destination so it is wise to book your room in advance.

After the fruit trees have been thinned it’s time for tomato picking. Some farmers have very large crops which they supply to local manufacturers for transport out of state or to canneries. Others have smaller crops which are sent directly to market overnight for table use. If you have a desire to make some money, picking tomatoes is a decent job. The wage is generally a per hour rate. Some of the larger companies also have later crops in other states further north. Often times after one job in the south is completed, a worker can head north and follow for more tomato picking work. Check whether morning and afternoon tea is provided. Carry a thermos, a lunchbox and a large flask of cool water.

You can go out on the route anytime of day. Some people like to go out early in the morning and ponder the magnificent beauty in the area. However others find it enjoyable to spend the afternoon in this area. Obviously for the most romantic setting, make sure that you plan on being there during sunset. It will ensure that your experience is ideal.

The stately home wedding, is a popular choice for people as it provides a luxury location for wedding. It is a great feeling to people getting married, to feel like royalty, as a stately home is usually owned by a Lord and Lady. The scenery provided in a stately home, such as the garden is also a priceless experience.

That ‘special something’ is your memories. Now is the time to add something special to your home. Interior designers know that one of the quickest ways to make a place feel like home is to hang pictures. Not just any pictures but carefully chosen photographs of people and places that are really special to you.