10 points To Consider When Your Beach Themed Wedding

29th August 2018 0 By MartinX

Candles are always very apt for any celebrations. Matching candles with your fairy tale wedding theme can be easy. In fact, you can further match it with the Cinderella theme and gift your guests white-wax elegant slipper candles as fairy tale wedding favors. The special filigree designs make these candles look almost like real wedding slippers. Your guests are sure to cherish these candles and display them in their homes. There are carriage candles available too in the same theme.

With the catering services, you also have a range of selection of foods. You can have a simple or common or even an elaborate menu. The foods to be served will always be dependent upon the kind of party you are holding and also upon the kinds of guests. For cocktail parties, all you have to serve are finger foods and drinks. For sit-down dinners, you can hire a caterer with well-groomed wait staff. This will make the dining more formal. The foods are individually served by the hired waiters.

Hampstead Heath is where locals head to for a breath of fresh air and a day outdoors. As one of the highest points in the city, the heath offers views that are a strong rival to those seen from the London Eye. With forests, ponds, sporting grounds and pools to discover, you could easily spend an entire day getting lost in the park. Don’t forget to walk by Kenwood House, an old stately home.

Be careful not to trespass onto private land and be responsible when it comes to B-B-Qs and fires. It is best to make inquiries first and ask. Outside bars are either free to hire or very inexpensive as they rely on sales at the bar and they will set up and tidy away.

Working from home gives you the opportunity to get all of the mundane household chores done throughout your day rather than having to waste precious time in the evenings or on weekends doing them. You can put your washing on at breakfast time and hang it out at morning tea. Mow the lawn or do the groceries at lunchtime and put dinner on at afternoon tea time. Your family will love you for it and no more missing out on having a great social life.

The sand on the beach can make for difficult mobility for both you and your guests. Elderly and disabled guests will have a hard time walking long distances in the sand so consider placing your ceremony at the beginning of the beach. You should also practice walking in your desired footwear before the ceremony to make sure it is beach friendly.

This is an excellent example of thinking out of the box in terms of outlets for handmade jewelry. Most of us wouldn’t have thought of a coffee shop as being a good market for jewelry, but in this case it was. How many other outlets could there be out there where you could set up a small display and benefit from the store’s traffic? A few that come to mind are bridal stores, natural food co-ops (if you sell natural gemstone jewelry), gardening stores (if you sell jewelry with a nature theme), highcliffe castle tea rooms menu, shoe stores, and other retail outlets that women frequent. Many of these retail outlets would be happy to let you come in and sell your jewelry for the day. You could offer the store a percentage of your sales in exchange for the space .

Hills. Or wolds, to be more precise, which is how the area came by its clever name. There are plenty of sheep and cattle to be seen here as well, as it is after all a farmer’s landscape. There are all manners of wildlife, plant and animal, to enjoy too.